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Public Trust Brand Launch & Industry Engagement

The Challenge: Comprised of growers, agri-food industry, vertically integrated food companies, government, and NGOs, the newly incorporated Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops required a national brand that could unify their member base and communicate their mandate to government representatives, potential members, the public at large, other stakeholders, and member customers and investors throughout the world. Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were starting to enter the lexicon of Canada’s agri-food value chain, and CRSC’s mandate offered members a participatory role.

The Solution: With the goal of successfully positioning CRSC as an organization that unifies Canada’s grain industry, we developed an agile Public Trust Brand Launch. Its focus was to provide the specific direction for CRSC’s brand identity, website development and key messaging. Unifying the sector required the buy-in of grower groups, so a special focus was made to position primary production sustainability, specifically environmental. This took shape in the form of key messaging and tactic development targeting the farmer audience.

The Outcome: Since the launch of CRSC, the organization has been successfully positioned as the authority on Canadian grain sustainability, continuing to provide value to the sector in the form of sustainability research and measurement tools. The CRSC plays an important role in allowing its members to influence how stakeholders perceive their sustainability, providing them with a competitive advantage.