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Public Trust Communications Strategy

The Challenge: Winnipeg-based Richardson International is one of Canada’s oldest and largest agri-businesses. However, the complexity of its diverse business model made it difficult for the greater business community, government and public to fully grasp the role of Richardson within Canada’s agri-food value chain.

The Solution: Working closely with Richardson International’s communications team, we created the “Richardson Is” Public Trust Communications Strategy and program. Six simple, highly-focused messages—emphasizing that Richardson is dedicated, innovative, invested, pioneering, global, and proud—appeared in high-traffic locales throughout the Prairies. Richardson used digital and social platforms to spark conversation and create clarity around these messages. An internal campaign was also rolled out to Richardson’s 2,500 employees encouraging them to be active brand ambassadors. 

The Outcome: This was the first time Richardson International had promoted itself to non-customer audiences. The recommended strategy and resulting campaign generated over 28 million touchpoints throughout the Prairies through traditional media vehicles alone, with millions more via online communications channels. Clarity was being created with a clearer knowledge that Richardson International is a major player within Canada’s agri-food value chain.